Welcome! I am Eugenio Martín, 'divergent' lawyer with more than 18 years of professional experiencee, developer of this website, lawgeek, enthusiast of graphic design, technology and innovation. You can check here my CV and Linkedin profile.

My professional career as a 'traditional' lawyer began in 2001 in Granada (Spain), where I took my first steps at the Courts and started writing all kinds of legal documents lawsuits, appeals, executions, contracts of all kind, etc.

Years later I moved to Palma de Mallorca to start working in an international lawfirm. Such experience allowed me to improve some of the languages ​​I had been studying for years: English, German and French, as well as Italian (on a personal level). During my first 5 years in Mallorca, In addition to taking part in Court trials, I intervened in large-scale real estate transactions in Mallorca with clients from all over the world, as well as provided legal advice to some of the largest European companies with commercial interests in Spain.

For the last 9 years and still today, I have been working as in-house legal counsel in the international tourism giant BARCELó GROUP. I am currently combining it with my personal project, which is this website. My experience in this large tourism group has allowed me to provide legal support in some of the largest international M&A operations carried out by the Barceló Group in the last years, drafting and reviewing all kinds of contracts in different jurisdictions. I have also given legal advice and support to all areas and hotels of the Barceló group at national and international level Presidency, CEO, CFO, General Directors, Business Development Department, E-commerce, Business Operations Areas, Finance, IT, Administration, etc... satisfactorily, I hope :)

What many do not know is that my first professional experience had nothing to do with law and it was not in Spain either: I started my professional career as web developer for the intranet of the multinational AUDI AG, in Ingolstadt (Germany). This experience allowed me to professionally improve what until that moment was only a hobby: web development.

Twenty years have passed since then and my passion for computing, technology and innovation has never disappeared; On the contrary, the current moment and the digital revolution that we are living makes me enjoy them even more and allows me to combine it with my professional occupation: lawyer.

I firmly believe that law practice does not necessarily require suit and tie, nor piles of papers surrounding my living space, when it can be done virtually, managing work from anywhere at any time with utmost professionalism and motivation.

KNOWMAD LAWYER is born in this context. An exciting and very personal project, which is the result of years of professional experience, hard work, passion and conviction that the alliance between law and technology is possible and the moment is... now!

I hope you may find KNOWMAD LAWYER services very useful and will contribute to make your life a little easier. Your opinion will always be well received and will of course help us to improve your customer experience and the quality of the service that we provide.

Thank you for your interest!

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Eugenio Martín